Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Things

Kimberly and I just spent two nights in Seattle where she interviewed for a job. Will we go? We don't know. Maybe not this out-of-town job, so we can hang around Durham a little longer hoping something materializes. If it starts looking like Durham will no longer have us, we'll get serious about moving.

The kids are away at camp this week.


James C. said...

Best of luck making this really tricky decision, Bob.

If you *had* to move, and you put the issue of what kind of job was desirable to the side, what kind of place would you ideally move to?

Bob with one 'o' said...

The answer to that question has two phases, as I see it at the moment. The first phase is from now until 2020, when Jane turns 18. For that phase, there's no better place than here, largely because of the relationships the girls have formed in their lives. (Because of my childhood, where I was yanked around every few years, to this day I find it very easy to instantly sever relationships and move on without looking behind me; but now's not the time.)
For phase two, after 2020, we'll see, but it will involve a tossed salad of considerations: living in a densely populated but well-designed space with plenty of walking and biking trails and access to food and interesting everything (Denver and Seattle come to mind, but there are many others). That time may come, but hopefully much later.