Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Stuck Song

The tune that's been in my head for the past couple of hours, just FYI: Remember Then. (And yes, it was this very version.)

omg, Bowser's pants!

Brain Drain

Go, Brain, Go! I like the sound of "cranial cleansing."

Monday, August 13, 2012

Some brief updates

There is no permanent employment yet. We flew to Seattle last week, where Kimberly interviewed with some very nice people, but it's very expensive to live there, and we like it here better.
The girls are back from their week away at Camp Kanata.
The week before that, they'd spent a week with Kimberly's parents in New Bern.
With Kimberly's unemployment checks and my checks from doing light office temping at a local law firm, we can float for a good number of months.
In two weeks I'll be running a Spartan race up in Virginia. After all, it's sponsored by Dial For Men, and who can resist that? Not me, that's for sure.
I was pleased to read that the new Bourne movie doesn't employ its predecessors' shaky-camera technique.
My favorite phrase from this brief article on pubic hair is "inflammation papules." Spoiler alert (and advice for younger people, apparently): keep the razor away from your genital area.
The over-40 soccer league season is underway as of last weekend. Our first game was a 1-1 draw.
Avante has two gigs in Charlotte in September, one of which is high-paying. We are pleased.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Things

Kimberly and I just spent two nights in Seattle where she interviewed for a job. Will we go? We don't know. Maybe not this out-of-town job, so we can hang around Durham a little longer hoping something materializes. If it starts looking like Durham will no longer have us, we'll get serious about moving.

The kids are away at camp this week.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Tapas Place

...and yet another restaurant, this time in the old Book Exchange building.

Another Central Park Restaurant

Apologies to my seven readers; it has been a while, and I have a million and a half updates to provide. I have no time at the moment, so for now, I present a story that makes me giddy: even more restaurant development in downtown Durham. What is going on with this place? The "economy" is supposed to be awful right now. Apparently Durham doesn't know this.