Friday, July 13, 2012

A Friday Maxim

There is a Traffic Truth with which most people would probably agree: in all cities across this nation on Fridays around 4 pm, millions of people simultaneously decide to get into their cars and get out onto the road. The fun generally lasts about two hours. Nobody knows why, and nobody knows why Friday at 4 pm should be any different from Wednesday or Thursday. But it is. I'm ashamed to admit that today I missed the window, so I didn't do my part, but I'll try to make it up next week.


James said...

Bob -- Scott Feld actually knows why. I love teaching this phenomenon -- it's called the "class size" effect.

To read Feld's paper, go to Google Scholar and search for "Why Your Friends Have More Friends Than You Do."

P.S. Cost of living in Midcoast Maine is way lower than Seattle. ;) Course, most people also spend about forty years looking for a job here too. ;( Good luck.

Bob with one 'o' said...

I just read a few brief things about it all. Very intriguing. I suppose I never actually counted the Friday cars--maybe they just seem more numerous.

Bob with one 'o' said...

After having driven home from work now for numerous Fridays, I stand by the original claim: there are waaaaay more fucking cars on the road on Friday afternoon.