Thursday, June 28, 2012

Miscellany from the past week

Jane has been posting a 103-degree fever since Monday. The doc said to let her cook for a couple more days before starting antibiotics, in case it goes away on its own.
Kimberly and I watched the first half of today's Germany-Italy soccer game at Bull City Burger. There was television footage of German fans weeping. Apparently it isn't enough that they fiscally control the Euro zone.
Today I changed the downstairs HVAC air intake filter.
During these hot days, the rabbits qualify for a midday bucket of ice in their pen.
Kimberly and I continue receiving job application rejections. The quest continues.
Both our kids enjoy reading Calvin and Hobbes books many times over.
I strongly dislike mosquitoes.
We have planted three trees in our yard: a dogwood and two crape myrtles.
The "grass" in the yard doesn't grow very quickly during hot weather. This pleases me.
I put up a climbing rope in our backyard, just for fun. I still can't climb it, but I'm getting better.
Thanks to Valerie, I am a big fan of Shirley Q Liquor. The church bit is hilarious. Compounding the hilariousness is that "she" is actually a white male comedian.
One can't neglect to mention politics on a day like this. I have written both our governor and my senator asking them not to support North Carolina SB 382. It appears the bill came about because one of the attorneys for the 751 South development project (Cal Cunningham) is friends with the senator who introduced the legislation (Tim Moore).
Jane is very skilled at getting Roxie to eat her daily fish oil caplet.
We'd always thought it was so cute how we could open the back door and watch Roxie chase squirrels in the back yard. Then she caught one and killed it. We no longer find this tradition cute.
Steve Miller should be ashamed of himself for thinking we'd buy that "Texas" rhymes with "facts is."
Sarazino put out a new album last month. I must listen.

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