Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Various things:

My mom visited last weekend and we had good fun, as always. Since we had all just flown up there for her birthday a few weeks ago, we got to see her twice within 30 days.
Emma has a painful wart on the bottom of her right foot. Today her doctor applied liquid nitrogen to try to freeze that sucker off. Time will tell. We'll go back into the clinic again in two weeks for another dose.
I like Chapel Hill Tire in Woodcroft. They're nice, reasonable, and very thorough. I'll be going back.
The words 'upbraid' and 'abrade' are not related.
Next week Kimberly sings in a performance of Carmina Burana.
Jane survived Monday's 4th-grade field trip to Kure Beach, for which she had woken up at 5:20 am.
During a volunteer school book fair shift today, a fellow PTA parent told me there were kids on that beach field trip who had never seen the ocean and were completely freaking out (in a good, excited kind of way).

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