Monday, March 12, 2012

Soccer and Job Interviews

As of last Saturday, our soccer team has snappy new shirts (blue), but we lost the game 1 to 0.

Wednesday I have an interview for a library job at the South Durham branch--very exciting! I'll keep you updated, of course. I'm told not to be optimistic, as these parts are crawling with library types and they all want jobs.

Kimberly has an interview on Thursday with a company whose name I can't remember.


James C. said...

South Branch? Ideeeeal. Go ahead and be pessimistic. We'll all get our hopes up for you.

Bob with one 'o' said...

Ah, but don't confuse it with Southwest Branch--which would truly be ideeeal, with all those Es. South Branch is way down in Lowe's Grove, almost in RTP, at Alston and 54.

Anonymous said...

Testing. Testing. This is actually me, Bob, trying to find out if anonymous posting is allowed. It is. Hurrah! Logging in is not required.

James C. said...

Ah, poo. Not SW branch after all. One day, the vicinity of the posh Harris Teeter will recognize your geeeenius, with all the little Es.