Monday, February 27, 2012


Yikes. I'd long wondered if this sort of thing was going on between parents and their college-aged children. (Feel free to imagine the following sentence being recited, in the voice of an elderly man sitting on a porch rocker, through his three remaining teeth.) The extent of my father's involvement in my college experience was dropping me off, curbside, with my footlocker and Smith Corona typewriter, before we exchanged a firm handshake and he drove off.

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SK Waller said...

Not us. We have three college-aged kids (two in school and the youngest in the service) and, although we love hearing about their lives and helping them when we can, for us it's "out of the chute and into the basket!"

Our oldest, who is 22, has already gone to school in France twice (senior year and some undergrad) and now she's moving to NYC for her grad and doctorate terms. The second lives here in our town, but she goes to school, works a job, and has her own apartment. The youngest enlisted and is now Airborne. We worry about him the most and wish he hadn't joined, naturally, but we support him in his right to make his own choices.

The 'hover parents' are the kind who made their kids their entire life when they were younger; they're the 'empty-nesters' we keep hearing about today.