Saturday, October 15, 2011


Now that I'm an alumnus of the burglary victim club, I giggle with even greater glee at stories like this one. Just three blocks from us, on Dixon Road, during a house break-in, a motion-activated camera snapped a whole bunch of shots of the offending individual. This picture is just one of them--they were sent around to the PAC3 e-mail list as well as to the police. The police identified him and issued a warrant for his arrest. He hasn't been picked up yet, but still, this makes me happy.

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SK Waller said...

I was burgled once, too, many years ago. They made off with my Takamine 12-string, a 100 year-old mandolin that had been in our family for, well, a hundred years, and an expensive bong.

It's a terrible feeling and I'm sorry it happened to you.