Monday, September 12, 2011


Monday sneaks in again. How dare it. It was a good day: a trip to the landfill "transfer station" with some old crap that's been lying around the yard for eons, and I installed a new toilet. Its 31-year-old predecessor will be on its way to the dump soon.

Emma has been invited to be part of the all-county middle school honor chorus. She's excited. My excitement is tempered by the shuttle-driving itinerary that comes along with it. That girlie loves to sing.

Dinner tonight will include the chicken thighs that have been in the oven in a cast iron pot for 3 hours at 170 degrees.

My friend Tony had a kick-ass art show Saturday. His work hangs for a month at Beyu.

I recently rewatched (a word?) Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent. It's a good one.

Saturday our soccer team lost 4 to 0. Fuck. But still, it was soccer, and so, fun.

The shuttle departs presently for karate and gymnastics pickup.


SK Waller said...

A toilet on the way to the dump. Now that's funny!

Bob said...

Yes! I considered that as I wrote it, but I left it alone knowing who would pick it up. Hee.

SK Waller said...