Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Many Things

WifeKimberly has informed me that this timedistance between blogposts is unacceptable. (Apparently I am becoming German, with my mashedtogether Germanwordcreation.)

You may wonder what has been occupying my time of late. Many, many things. Laundry, for one. It never stops. Also trips to the dog park with Roxie, which is always fun. The kids go back to school next week, which means there's been a flurry of PTA work to do for Hope Valley Elementary. My friend David was married last Saturday (I also attended his bachelor party; very tame, no large cakes or women in dishabille, alas). The kids have had their annual physical exams. Emma is 12 and had her HPV vaccine. Jane is 9 and is a candidate, but we've decided to wait 2 or 3 more years. The kids were part of these decisions and understand HPV and how it's transmitted.

Let's see, what else. Oh, yes, a lot of singing. And riverdeep, the men's ensemble, is going through that early-stage process where some singers start refusing to sing certain songs because of certain lyrics. But that will all get ironed out. The group needs clear policies and singer contracts, and we're not there yet; when that's in place, the problem will all but disappear. At the moment, we're still endlessly discussing things as a group via our e-mail list. You can't efficiently run a 16-voice choir by groupthink and consensus; riverdeep is slowly figuring this out, so I have hope for the future.

My sister Christine is now married! Congratulations, little sis. Aaron, her dude, is an excellent man. They spent a week vacationing in Cape May. A couple of weeks ago I zipped up to Leesburg to visit family there and hang out at the Shoes cafe with Grandma and the kids.

We were 23 minutes into the first soccer game of the season when the referee called it off because of lightning. We let him leave and then stayed and scrimmaged each other just for fun. Next Saturday's game is at 8 am.

The kids had a fun week at Camp Kanata. They'll probably go back next year. Piano lessons continue, karate continues, gymnastics class continues. School starts August 25th.

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