Sunday, August 7, 2011


Last night we headed to Fullsteam Brewery, finally, to check the place out. They don't serve food, but rumor had it that the Durham food trucks surround the place regularly. It was a Saturday night, and there wasn't a food truck in sight. WTF. (My younger colleagues tell me this stands for "What The Fuck," and so is a nice way both to be succinct and avoid being crass; you know I don't like being crass.) So we walked over to Geer Street Garden where there's food. That was nice.


fullsteam said...

Thanks for checking out Fullsteam! Yea, that's the thing about food trucks - convenience over dependability. Saturday is typically a Klausie's Pizza night, but the owner was on a well-deserved vacation. KoKyu was likely across the way at Motorco.

Our most consistent trucks are Pie Pushers (pizza) and The Palour (ice cream) on Wednesday and the Sausage Wagon on Friday. Check out our food truck and events calendar here:

Lastly, this Saturday (the 13th) is our one-year anniversary. It should be a blast. Plenty of food options to be had.

Bob Slentz-Kesler said...

omg, it's Fullsteam itself! I'm so honored. Thanks for the link--that Parlour truck is amazing, serving ice cream with Nutella on it and whatnot.

The beer I had that night was the El Toro Cream Ale. I hereby encourage you to continue your good work. And the pinball machines were bitchin' too.