Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I Eat The Way I Eat

Back when I was experimenting with strict veganism, I was asked what was most challenging about that way of eating. The answer was easy: having to reassure other people that I was going to be okay. Vegan eating was good for me, because while I'm no longer a true vegan, the Vegan Way informs many of my decisions.

So I eat a lot of plant-based food, but I also pop 2 to 3 grams of fish oil a day (long-chain omega 3s, keeping an antinflammatory omega 6 to omega 3 ratio, etc.), I eat flesh occasionally, and about once a year or so I hork down organ meat of some kind (micro nutrients available there are hard to find elsewhere). I also try to move even more than I used to.

Years ago I had the thought that if I ever received an early-stage cancer diagnosis and was successfully treated, I would probably make some lifestyle changes moving forward. The thought that closely followed was to wonder why I would wait for cancer to make whatever these changes would be. I want to eat like a cancer survivor.

And longtime readers will note that these aren't topics I often blog (or talk) about, because I've learned that, generally speaking, No One Wants To Hear That Shit. Relationships are more important to me than evangelizing about nutrition (or anything else, for that matter). Wouldn't you just love me if, during our 1 pm café meeting while you sipped coffee and I sipped tea, I delivered a scintillating lecture about coffee and cortisol levels? No, neither would I. So it's mainly a journey of silence, silence broken only when someone in my life (possibly someone who is not at peace with his own relationship with food) carps about what I'm putting (or not putting) into my own body.

I love reading books on nutrition and health. I've read so many I've lost track of most of them; there isn't enough time to read everything that's available. But six titles return to me repeatedly:

The China Study
Healthy at 100
Anatomy of an Illness
The Divided Mind
Born to Run

And if you have nutrition book recommendations, gimme.


Kimberly S-K said...

It's a lot easier to find articles extolling the benefits of coffee than the dangers...

I'm just saying.

Spelling G. said...

Go ahead and eat your hippie tempeh tofu sprouts, dude, but keep your piehole shut about my coffee!

Bob said...

See you tomorrow at 1 pm.