Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random News In A Single Paragraph

Movies this weekend: roughly half of Water for Elephants (a power outage closed the theater, so I have no opinion yet), and The Hangover Part II, which wasn't nearly as good as the first one. The girls are out of school for the year and start at Camp Riverlea tomorrow morning. Tonight Kimberly is off singing the Bach "Mass in B minor" with the Vocal Arts Ensemble. Yesterday for our 17th wedding anniversary (yay, us) we ate for the first time at Revolution. Yummy food. Also yesterday, in the morning, our league soccer team lost a scrimmage 3 to 2 (sniff, sniff). Some time this week we will acquire a new puppy. Bull City Burger is now brewing seven beers, and there was a guy at the bar this weekend with a notebook and seven full sampler glasses in front of him. He's writing reviews for a site, but now I can't remember if he said great beer dot com (doesn't seem to exist) or rate beer dot com. If it's the latter, his review isn't up yet.

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