Monday, May 16, 2011

S-K's Theorem

To review the Robert-Slentz-Kesler-Theory-Of-Fucked-Up-Driving, which we can shorten to S-K's Theorem: close examination of any car on the road that doesn't seem to be "with it" (e.g., driving too slowly, swerving, or displaying a general lack of focus and/or road courtesy) will reveal a driver who is 1) wearing a hat, 2) using a phone or other electronic device, or 3) driving a Buick. This theorem has yet to fail. Today's swerving Buick was being driven by someone wearing a hat. Hoping for the S-K Theorem equivalent of Bingo!, I looked for a cell phone. No luck. I remain hopeful that some day I'll see all three at work in the same driver.

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