Monday, March 7, 2011

Various Things

Whoa, this is quite a thing.

It will also surprise many people to know that the rumor about John Ashcroft and calico cats is untrue.

We had tacos last night for dinner. There were so many leftovers that I broke apart the remaining taco shells and am making nachos. Nacho Night! Yeehoo.

The Geezer Soccer League is now in full Spring Season swing. We lost our first game two days ago, 3 to 1, and late in the game one of our players was red-carded and thrown out. Why? Said he to a member of the opposing team, "Push me one more time and I'll take your fucking head off." The ref heard the comment.

Riverdeep has started rehearsals again after our first and very fun concert last month.

That Neil Young is still at it.

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SK Waller said...

Wow. That IS quite a thing!