Monday, March 28, 2011


'twas another crazy weekend. Friday night we stayed in and watched Harry Potter 6 on DVD. I'm losing interest the farther along they go. Not sure why.

Saturday morning our geezer soccer team lost 4 to 1. Saturday afternoon we ate a late lunch at Bull City Burger and Brewery (where they're not yet brewing; give it another week and a half, they said), and Saturday night I hosted an open mic event at church-like-place.

Sunday morning we were back at church-like-place, Sunday afternoon we rehearsed with our mixed-voice octet, Sunday evening we sipped beverages at West End Wine Bar to see off a pair of friends who are leaving town, and since we were downtown we ate a late dinner at Pop's on Main Street.

Today was a teacher workday, so the kids and I met friends at Joe Van Gogh. Errands after that: Barnes Supply and Harris Teeter, home for a while (spaghettios for lunch, yum), and then Jane had gymnastics class in the afternoon. Emma skipped karate on accounta her upset tummy. It seems fine now.

The basketball tournament games have not been going my way. I'm near the bottom of the pool with no hope of winning anything.

After I click "publish post" here, I'm going to drag the trash and the recycling to the curb, clean up the kitchen, read a bit, and then hit the sack. I must remember to set up the VCR (we still have one of those) to tape "Castle." That Nathan Fillion is just so totally dreamy.

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