Sunday, February 27, 2011

Driver's Ed

Is there any good reason to teach a child to drive a stick-shift if there isn't one lying around nearby?


Valerie said...

YES! It's got to be on the list of 50 things you must simply know.

Who wants to be that person who can't drive a stick? (I hope you can drive a stick.)

What if he or she is riding in a car with someone else, and that person all of a sudden passes out?

You can borrow the Honda as needed for lessons for said child. It already has a dent.


Bob said...

I s'pose if there's one handy, I might consider it, especially if your Honda is still around.

Kierstin said...

I drove a stick shift up until earlier this year when I bought a new car. Definitely kept me from texting and driving.. and I know if I am in a bind I can drive any car if necessary.