Thursday, February 24, 2011

Connection Speed

I've been testing the speed of our computer connection to the Internet, using four different sources (here, here, here, and here). They come in fairly consistently at 6.8 Mb/s for download and 0.3 Mb/s for upload. The UK source download result is slower, but I imagine that's a distance issue.

I don't know whether these numbers are "normal" or "good" or "whatever." If your results vary greatly, do let me know.


Spelling G. said...

This is not comparable because right now I am on a super-fast campus connection at 1O:00 a.m. EST. But here i am getting:

To Greensboro
DL: 39.79
UL: 10.98

To San Francisco
DL: 3.11
UL: 11.15

To Galway, IRE
DL: 1.39
UL: 2.21

To Derry, IRE
DL: 8.99
UL: 8.78

To London
DL: 5.48
UL: 6:20

Using that last UK source, broadbandgenie:
DL: 2.56
UL: 5.78

Valerie said...

I just tested the one to G'boro, and it was what is pretty typical for us... around 25-30 download. Hmm. Maybe we always check it at night, and your numbers were during daytime. Interesting so different.

Bob said...

Dude, as in, Mb/s? Shit! What's the make and model of your cable modem?