Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two Sides of the Story

While I was tucking Emma into bed tonight she confessed that she and Jane had had a fight so bad that she, Emma, was "forced to take Paddington Bear hostage." (Paddington is Jane's favorite bear of all time.) She hid him in an upstairs bedroom. Jane later found him and reported to me that he had been "unceremoniously thrown onto the floor." But I should back up. Jane's side of the story started like this, before she knew that I knew there had been a fight at all.

"Daddy, have you ever been really really mad at someone?"


"So mad that you wanted to hurt them really really bad?"


"So mad that you..."


"...that you flushed their iPod Shuffle down the toilet?"

Oh, fuck. I'd heard of fights like this, and now it was our turn. My eyes widened, but then Jane laughed and laughed. She got me good. No iPods were harmed during this fight.


Nancy said...


What great girls you've got!


Spelling G. said...


Gregg said...

Good one, Jane! I'm simultaneously impressed, amused, and a little worried for the future. Here's hoping she uses her cleverness and manipulation skills for nothing worse than quick jokes.