Monday, January 24, 2011

One Restaurant, Meadowmont, Chapel Hill

This post is to encourage local folks to boycott a restaurant called "One," in Meadowmont, in Chapel Hill. I know nothing about the food, only about the manager's treatment of at least one band.

Some friends of mine had played music there several times and were scheduled again to play. A person at One named Daniel sent them a text message just 48 hours before their planned gig to cancel and, further, to tell them they were no longer welcome to play there. Apparently this Daniel didn't care for the band's sound, its choice of songs, or the people who came to One specifically to hear the band.

I encourage the boycott not because this Daniel had these opinions, but because of the way he chose to communicate them. Delivering difficult news is challenging but needs to be done courteously (i.e., in person or, if time is tight, on the telephone) and professionally. We'd actually only gone to One because of the band, so our boycott won't be very effective, but still, we're boycotting One.

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