Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Interesting Day

High, high excitement this morning as I worked a volunteer shift at Jane's elementary school's book fair. A 5th-grade boy wandered around the hallways before class with an armload of new books (including multiple copies of the same book), handing them out to his friends. Then a horrible rumor started: he'd stolen them! The assistant principal and the book-fair organizer started asking questions, and, no, he hadn't stolen them. One of the cashiers specifically remembered his paying--very proudly and ostentatiously--with a $100 bill.

Then his mother showed up at the school in tears. She was wailing and carrying on, and no one could calm her down enough to figure out why she was upset. We're still not sure why she came to the school to report this, but it turns out money was stolen from her purse that morning (at home, at the school? It's not clear). So, yes, the son had stolen $100 from his mother and promptly spent $81 of it at the book fair. Recovering the books became an hourslong ordeal, because the friends to whom he had distributed the loot were scattered among several classes. All but one book was recovered. Bottom-line loss to the mother: $6.99.


Spelling G. said...

Hmmm... very curious.

Bob said...

It is curious. There are a handful of missing parts of the story.