Monday, September 6, 2010


I should now like to register a strong recommendation for the Bergama restaurant on Hillsborough Road. Seriously yummy. The four of us agreed that the falafel was the best ever, better even than the falafel at Baba Ghanouj on 54 (that is, better than the falafel under the former ownership/management; falafel and baba haven't been the same for the past year or two).

The nice Bergama people gave us a warm basket of bread and some kind of oil dip with garlic and tomatoes in it. Yes.


Valerie said...

My sister raves about Bergama, too.

btw, working over in RTP-ish area now, I have discovered several new food finds of note. (a) Baba Ghanouj at the 54/55 corner is better than the one closer to us, and they have a buffet, (b) Benites, also on 55, has some very fine spanakopita, among other things, and (c) Polish deli "Halgo" on Alston Ave. across from the new South Regional library is to be tried. You like liverwurst, no? And all kinds of authentic Polish deli meats and a variety of pierogies, served by a delightful mom & pop. If you call ahead, they will saute the pierogies for your lunch (no sit-down; take out only).

Bob said...

Good liverwurst is one reason I'm only a borderline vegan. Organ meat--mmmmmmmm. Smooth liver pâté made with breadcrumbs and brandy, hoo Lordy. And you taught me a new word: pierogi.