Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back In Town

Last year's home break-in plays a part in my decision not to announce travel plans ahead of time (and friends just two streets over suffered a break-in last Friday), so now that we're back, I can confess we were visiting family in Cape May, New Jersey. We have returned, and I'm looking forward to staying put for many months.

Quantum of Solace is the most recent addition to the movies-I've-seen list. I liked it, and I especially liked watching it on DVD because I can fast-forward through all the annoying car chase and fight scenes. I'm not a fan of those. Movies sometimes make their way onto my maybe-I'll-see-that-one-soon radar, though I tend to forget them over time. At the moment I'm thinking of Glengarry Glen Ross and The Human Stain.

Oh, hey, Oscar Mayer has a nitrite-free hot dog.


Valerie said...

They're tasty. Welcome back.

Bob said...

Thanks! The girls chomped them down. Thumbs up.