Monday, July 19, 2010

Roof Update

After removing a satellite nest of carpenter ants from an upper corner of the house and spraying the beBuddha out of it before replacing the rotten wood with help of FriendTony, I've started gathering new-roof quotes because my attempts to shove in drip-edge along the side of the roof failed due to brittle shingles.

While Pickard Roofing's quote today of $5,500 displeased me greatly, the news was tempered by the estimator-guy's honest assessment that we really won't need a roof replacement for another three to five years.

I celebrate.

With Schlitz.


patmando said...

It reminds me of the time when we were having ac problems-upstairs just wouldn't cool. One guy comes out and says, what you've currently got is working ok, but it wasn't big enough for the space. We should get a second unit for the upstairs. I don't think so.
Second guy comes out, does his assessment and says, "You want the $3500 solution or the $5 solution?" Of course I said, "The $5 one!" "You got any duct tape?" he says.
We ended up taping over half the vents downstairs and problem solved.

Bob said...

That is a happy, happy story. Duct tape is our friend.

Gregg said...

With Schlitz? Really?

Bob said...

Sure! It's light and summery.