Monday, July 26, 2010


I really am a simpleton at heart. Poor Kimberly sometimes asks me what I'm thinking, and I have to level with her and admit I've been pondering gnat droppings or tree leaves or some other such piffle. Recently I've been contemplating rainbows. Specifically, why were we taught to memorize indigo as part of the spectrum? It doesn't fit the pattern. If you count only the six, ROY G BV, there's a lovely pattern that loops back around to form a circle, since blue and red make violet. But indigo--whose idea was that, I wonder.


patmando said...

That always disturbed me as well. I like the six concept better.

On a similar note, I was told the other day the primary colors were red, green, and blue. I thought the person was nutters but seems they may be right depending on perspective.

Bob said...

"Nutters" applies, in my opinion. Unless "primary" means something else to this person.