Sunday, July 18, 2010

Non-Alcoholic Beer

I'm a pretty adventurous guy, so today with lunch I drank a non-alcoholic beer, just for fun and to see what it tasted like. It was an Erdinger Hefeweizen. I won't be doing that again. It was crap. Yuck. Horrible. Total Shit. I couldn't finish it.


SK Waller said...

Non-alcohol beer, yeah, it's mostly crap. But I really like our 3.2 beer. I drink it without getting buzzed or tired. That's nice if I'm working outdoors, and you can't tell the difference in taste.

Bob said...

I've found myself drifting toward that sort of beer as well. With my penchant for strong Belgian ales, WifeKimberly thinks I've gone mad and wants to know what I've done with her husband. But PBR and Schlitz are tasty in their own way and don't dull my consciousness.

Gregg said...

Regarding non-alcoholic beer, you're a braver man than I, Bobby. It's interesting, though, because you wouldn't think the ethanol itself would provide much taste. I wonder if they have to have an entirely different process to make it.

And I see you weren't kidding about Schlitz. It might take some effort to get over childhood memories of icky piss beer like Bud. (Back when I thought Michelob was fancy beer and Molson and Heineken were luxurious imports.)

I've been drinking German lagers lately like Bitburger and the "Spaten Premium" they carry at Trader Joe's. Lighter and cheaper than Belgian multiply fermented ales.

Bob said...

Those are both yummy choices. I approve.