Monday, July 5, 2010


I'm reading a good book called Cheap. In the chapter describing the history of discount culture in the U.S., the author talks about stores' attempts to stock very cheap items--"essentially what most people sought or could be persuaded to buy most of the time." "What this means to customers even today is that a trip to a discount store often begins with high hopes, moves on to a frustrated search, and ends happily in a surprising number of unanticipated purchases."

I've made it to page 68, an indication that I like the book (I usually stop between pages 30 and 50 if I'm not pleased). I'll say more when I'm done.


Alexandra Badea said...

I think I should read it too. amazing how well cheap and greed can coexist.

Bob said...

3/4 done. It's still good.