Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Things

Today after camp, Jane was in the backseat of the car telling Emma that old yarn about how if you get rabies, you have to get 20 shots in the stomach. I remember people saying that when I was a kid too, but (without Googling), I'm going to go out on a limb and say that doesn't make sense. Injecting medicine in the stomach area shouldn't get it into your system any more quickly than a shot in the arm or leg.

I've been watching only snippets of World Cup games, as time permits. A soccer friend sent this lego summary of the US-England game.


Valerie said...

I cheated and googled. Interesting answer. ;)

Gregg said...

As a child, I heard about a kid in my neighborhood getting bitten and needing to go through the rabies series ordeal. Everything I've heard as an adult confirmed that rabies shots were numerous and painful and had to be administered in the stomach, but I never researched it.

I had heard in the last decade that there was a new rabies series developed that required fewer shots and might not need to be given abdominally.

Also there is a rabies "vaccine". I thought about getting it before going to eastern Europe since wild dogs are a problem in some countries like Romania. But I would have had to go to a special clinic to get it and it doesn't give you immunity to rabies. Instead, it just extends by a couple days the time you have after a bite to start the rabies shots before the disease turns fatal.

Now I want to google it and see what Valerie found out!

Bob said...

I'll hit Google myself in a few days, but it's fun just to sit with the question for a while, instead of stampeding to the answer.

patmando said...

I can't remember exactly, but when we were still in Durham, we woke up and found that a bat was flying around our upstairs. Well long-story-short, all of us had to get the series of rabies shots (not in the stomach) over a period of a couple of weeks.

Bob said...

Creepy way to wake up! But no stomach shots--interesting.