Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Scented Billboard

Here's something I'd never heard of: a scented billboard.


Valerie said...

A fun vegan action movement would be to set up a billboard on the other side pumping out methane.

I get good ideas like this every 5 minutes. If anyone needs an idea, just email. I'm on it. :p

Bob said...

Ewww. I like it. And the billboard would have a picture of a big hairy butt and that would be so cool. Yeah. You're right--a good idea.

Gregg said...

One small quibble. Methane (CH4) is an odorless and colorless gas. Besides being flammable and toxic, it's also a very potent greenhouse gas, much worse than carbon dioxide (CO2). (See for more information.) So I wouldn't advocate or favor leaking methane.

If memory serves, some of the farty smell comes from H2S, dihydrogen sulfide, the stuff that gives rotten eggs their icky smell. A sulfur compound is commonly added to natural gas so we can smell leaks. Use of one or more of these smelly gases would be safer and more environmentally friendly.

Gregg said...

The perfumed billboard sounds more obnoxious than the cosmetic sections of department stores or the fragrant samples they put in magazines. I'd hate to live near one.

Bob said...

Mmmm, sulfur. Yum.

I'm pretty sure the methane proposal was a joke.

Gregg said...


If I let little considerations like that stop me, my inner geyser of pedantry would no-no release. :)

My apologies for any irritation I caused.

Bob said...

From what I know of this crowd, there is no irritation.

Inner Geyser of Pedantry is a great phrase. I like it.