Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Now that the Shannon Road branch library has re-opened, we'll be at the library much more often. That it's within walking distance from our house is most helpful. Last week the kids finally got their own library check-out cards and have started tinkering with the self-checkout stations.

And then just today I read this article at Salon. Books. More books. Go get books.

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Valerie said...

Last time I was at Main Branch, one of the librarians was aggressively (I don't mean assertively) pushing books on a young family. She said Stay right there while I get your daughter a book! The dad said, We'll be right back. She said, No you won't--don't move, I'll be right back with a book for your daughter. And then she signed them up to check out some books. Very impressed with her willingness to go out on a limb to get books into their hands. <3 our librarians.