Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Accord

Because the trunk of Kimberly's Honda Accord would fill with water after every rain, I had the good gentlemen of Crown Honda lay on hands. Ah, the gaskets around the tail-lights need replacing, they said. So they did that. Then the leaking continued. Back I went. Ah, said the dude after a few hours, I found where a drainage tube had come loose and so I stuck it back in there and glued it on. Then the leaking continued. So I took the car back and the same dude spent three hours with it but couldn't get water to leak into the the trunk.

So he tells me he says we know this guy, and he's really really good with water leaks into cars, and I can get him here next Tuesday for you. Okay. Today was Tuesday, so last night we dropped the car off and today the really-really-good-with-leaks guy had a crack at it for a good five hours or so and says it's fixed. He says it was part of the sunroof drain system that was leaking. Okay. So here we are, waiting for the next rain to find out. Fingers are crossed.


Valerie said...

The Passat apparently had a recall for some part of the drain system. Funny that there is a drain system. Seems like what is out would stay out and what is in would stay in.

SK Waller said...

Use your garden hose nozzle set on "shower".

Bob said...

Yeah, I'd tried that several times before giving up.