Thursday, May 6, 2010


I find it hilarious that it took a Belgian to tell me all about the Trans-America Trail. I'd never heard of it. Tomorrow morning my friend Stefaan and his wife are starting their bicycle ride from here to Portland, Oregon. Tonight was beer-with-the-Flemish-people night at Tyler's. Stefaan rode his already-fully-packed bike, and while he was up at the bar ordering another round, Dirk joked that we should unpack all his stuff and replace his things with bottles of Duvel. And tomorrow on the road he'd be wondering why his bike feels so heavy, and what are all those clinking sounds. Hahahahahaha. But we didn't do that. Still, it was a funny idea.

Emma's tick bite was extra swollen and itchy today, so I took her in to the clinic. Not Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but the doc was concerned enough to prescribe an ointment and oral antibiotics.

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