Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kristen Wiig

Y'ever seen Kristen Wiig's "just kidding" bit? Funny.

Bonus: 10 more Wiigy videos.


Valerie said...

She's funny.

Commanderusnret said...

This inspired me and grandma, while sitting with grandsons (who were in bed), to do an SNL style movie Sat nite called "Talledega Nights"...Will Farrell, John C Reilly, Sasha Baron Cohen, Amy Adams, Judy Lynch (Glee's mean Coach)....good times. Cohen nearly steals the show but Farrell is in his element...tremendously consistent actor.


Bob said...

I almost peed myself during the "sweet baby Jesus" grace scene at the table.

Commanderusnret said...

Yah, grandma said over an over "just finish the damn prayer" with a hahaha. I like SBC's consistent rolling of the r's when he'd say,"Rrrricky Bobbie" and with a long oh sound in Booobbie. Plot got a little clumsy at times but hilarious!