Friday, April 9, 2010


Because we're not quite ready for another house break-in, I didn't post ahead-of-time that we'd be in Belgium for a week. We were in Belgium for a week, during spring break, mostly in Antwerp.

I put up some pictures.

I could write millions and millions of words, but at this point I'll keep it brief and say that we did a lot of walking and ate a lot of mayonnaise. It was a good time.


Gregg said...

Thanks for the posting pictures of you and the gals en Belge. Makes me want to visit the land of the Flems someday.

By the way, I hope you don't mind, but while you were gone, I snuck in, rearranged all your stuff, and then put everything back in its original place.

Well...almost everything.

Michael D said...

Hi Bob.
I did enjoy meeting you, Kimberly and your kids. Although you didn't spend that much time in Belgium, I do wish your "home-coming"-trip was everything you hoped for. I was glad meeting you after all these years. As promised, I'll give you a call when I plan my holiday to the U.S.
Greeting from Belgium.

girlnblack77 said...

This is wonderful! :) It looks like you all have had a wonderful time!
We all know that Belgium is home to the best waffles in the world, but the other piece of trivia is theater-related. Those huge, wide, seamless pieces of thin fabric we use for a scrim on stage?... the only looms large enough to manufacture them (as of 1995, at least) were in Belgium. :)

Spelling G. said...

Wonderful photos!

Steph said...

Great pictures, Bob!

patmando said...

What about the beer?!?

Bob said...

Oh ya (apparently sometimes I turn into a Scandinavian), there was plenty of yummy beer. Yuuuuummy beer.

Michael, I sent you an e-mail (I hope you still have your gmail account--if not, I might have to hop over and actually use that Facebook thing everyone's talking about).

I knew Belgians had looms, but not like that.