Monday, March 8, 2010

The Mirror

Okay, so there we are, all something like 18 of us, a couple weeks ago on the soccer field on a Wednesday night under bright floodlights clobbering the living hell out of each other as we chase the soccer ball around having a grand time, and then when it's all over and we're sweaty and disgusting, we descend on the pub to drink beer and have a bite to eat. And come to find out Nick is really good at carpentry so I says to him I says well I've got this precision cutting I need to get done for this mirror frame I'm putting in and maybe you could help me and then some day I'll help you with something ('cause he does a lot of work on his own house too), so he says yeah that'd be great.

So I take the wood over there a few days later and we do the work and he shows me all these other projects he has going on and he also has this really sweet little dog named Molly and he addresses her as Molly Wolly and eventually we end up in his kitchen and he makes us tea and in his British way is shocked when I don't put milk and sugar into mine.

So anyway a few days later I'm at home arranging the wood frame and as I'm putting it up, one of the screws gets too close to the 32" x 32" mirror on the wall and the fucking thing cracks ever so slightly with that subtle but horrifying "pew" sound. Problem is I'd stuck it to that wall but good with serious heavy-duty mirror adhesive and so I spent a good bit of today in hazmat gear hacking and cracking and pulling off bits of mirror and creating such fine glass dust that it floated up instead of down and then I spent just as much time carefully cleaning up to make sure the kids don't end up with little bits of glass fibers in their littlekid skin.

This week I'll put up another mirror that I had cut at J&H Glass over on Holloway Street only this time I'll use flat metal clasps and then gouge out little spaces on the inside of the wooden frame so it'll be mostly flush with the glass and the wall so that when the mirror breaks again I can get it off easily.

Don't ever stick a mirror directly onto a wall. It's not worth it.

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