Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Radio Story

Last week's This American Life episode, "The House on Loon Lake," moved me for many reasons: it's a great mystery tale, it involves young boys getting into things they shouldn't, it's about the mysteries of family history, and it's set in New Hampshire where both my parents were raised (coming to terms with that state's doctrinal obsession with Minding-Your-Own-Business has helped me put my childhood and later life in better perspective).

And the house! An old, old house filled with old, old things. I was captivated. In our own family there are two such houses (one built in the late 1800s, one built in the mid 1700s) that I hope don't go the way of the house in the story. I won't say more. It's an hour-long MP3, just right if you're a commuter or if you're folding laundry.


Valerie said...

Did you see Ira was in the area last week? Bummer to have missed that.

Bob said...

I'd heard about that too. If I had a nickle for all the nifty things that go on in this town that I don't have time for... Maybe some day we'll spend every evening out doing nifty things.