Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The ads

The superbowl ads were interesting this year, though a bit heavy on misogyny. The Google ad was the only one I can remember that actually pitched the product.


girlnblack77 said...

I abstained this year. Actually, I think the last time I watched the superbowl in its entirety was some time around 1992.
On the one hand, I missed the commercials. On the other hand, I missed the commercials.


Dropped Comcast TV 6 weeks ago and just Saturday figured out that I don't get CBS over the air...digital antenna on the front porch. Went shopping for a website with free Superbowl coverage and came up with STREAMDIRECT...at $35 one time forever. Not as Sharp as over the air HD but could watch....just amazed mostly by THE WHO and their ONE SONG WONDER (they must in in their 70s)...non of the commercials come to mind.



Also ....I didn't want the Saints to win....despite all the media momentum in their favor...does that make me a bad person?


Valerie said...

The game was on here. I looked up for the commercials. It struck me to remark that if I was a man, I would be offended at the common message in several commercials that men's lives are drudging ones of routine entrapment, and that they can be set free only by purchasing [insert fast car/big truck/alcoholic beverage here]. I wonder what that looked like through your lens? Is that what you felt was misogyny? I just thought it was sad.

Bob said...

Well, I don't think you're a bad person. I didn't care either way who won.

Yeah, I think we're talking about slightly different feelings for the same things. There's the ad where the guy has no spine because he shops with his girlfriend, and the ad where men are saying they'll do all these things for their wives just so they can drive the car they want to, and the ad where the dude shoves his wife out of the car in order to keep his Bridgestone tires.