Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lost some text

Frickin' Facebook. An old friend (5th grade, Antwerp Belgium) found me a few days ago, and we've been sending messages back and forth. I'd just finished typing a loooooong thing and something went wrong with the browser window (i.e., I hit something on the keyboard I shouldn't have), and when I went back, everything was intact except all the text I'd typed. Grrrrrrrr.

Still, this Facebook thing is grand fun. I know I've said it before, but I only react to things that make it to my e-mail inbox. All those little games and quizzes and requests for weird things and "friend suggestions" that people post on my page become instant victims of the handy "ignore all" button. And isn't it impolite to request a "friend" without adding a personal message, even something very short? I tend to delete those too.


Valerie said...

Do you ignore the thing, like the quiz, or the person altogether? I ignore all the quizzes, always. Well, I had a friend that blocked people from his email if they ever sent him one piece of spam/pass-it-on email. That's hard-core.

OMG that picture of the girlies is the cutest ever.

Alexandra Badea said...

I had no idea you could add a personal message when sending a friend request. I just click . And then talk. But you are right, we should not forget the human touch. On 32 bits, 64 bits...whatever.

Alexandra Badea said...

oh, speaking of the liquid pace of human thinking you should have seen the NOVA show yesterday. Andy loves these shows in general, this time I was interested too - it was about dreaming.

Bob said...

Is NOVA on PBS? I never know what's on and when. And we only get the $16 TV package with 20 stations.