Thursday, October 29, 2009

Switching Over

Tuesday morning while I was running errands, someone waltzed through the left-unlocked-by-me back door of the house and made off with laptops, a TV, a DVD player, Emma's digital camera, and Kimberly's jewelry box. Police, forensics (no prints, we think), gathering of serial numbers, homeowner's insurance claim, etc. Bummer, yes. Big bummer.

And since I'm having to load software onto a much-cheaper computer I found at Best Buy yesterday, I decided it's time to move the blog from a clunky FrontPage file to an actual blog with RSS feeds and all that. So here it is! Apologies to those of you who'll have to register with Blogger/Google (I've lost track of who owns whom) to comment, but here we are.

More later. Must cook dinner now.